Individual Breath Sessions

For those who desire a deeper healing and growth experience, a series of individual facilitated breath sessions is an option.

A series of 8 to 10 sessions is typical.  The client starts with an overall intention for the series of sessions. This overall intention can vary from very specific to general, even vague. The first session (which is complimentary) lasts approximately 2 hours. The remainder of the sessions are typically 90 minutes.

A typical session consists of initial discussion in order to create an intention for the breath session. Then the client simply "breathes and lets go" for about an hour. The facilitator holds space and gently intervenes from time to time depending on what is happening. At the end of the session, the client is invited to create an affirmation related to what happened in the session. Finally, the client shares whatever they like about the experience. The facilitator and client discuss "homework" ideas for the client to do between sessions.

Breathwork is so uniquely personal that it's hard for people to know what it is by just reading about it, therefore the first session is always complimentary. This way, the client can make an informed decision about whether or not breathwork is a fit for them. 

Fee: $80 per session after the first complimentary session.  (Sliding scale is available for clients in genuine need.)

What clients have said about their experience of a 10-session series:

"My 10 sessions in breathwork exceeded my experience of 25+ years in conventional therapy. A deep healing took place when I allowed my higher self to breathe and take me where I longed to go. I discovered that each of us has an inner knowing of what needs healing within ourselves (even if we don't know it consciously) our spirit (higher self/mind) does. Through breathwork and the gentle guidance offered by Alan, I was able to release long held negative beliefs about myself and the world and replace them with the truth of what we all are...LOVE. Healing took place on a deep level when I allowed myself to surrender to love. I was able to remove many blocks to love that I held within my thoughts. Thank you Alan, I will forever be grateful to you and your approach to growth and healing."

"Through Alan's coaching in breathwork, I was able to find many important truths that were deeply buried by past trauma.  It has been a great enhancement for finding the Goddess within and allowing her to shine!"

To inquire about a complimentary individual session, contact Alan