“Release the Week” Breath Session


Join a group of (at most) 6 people for a one-hour group breathe to music with the intention of “releasing what no longer serves you” - whether it’s a release of something held in your body, an emotion, a limiting belief, simply the stress of what happened this past week.

A typical session:

  • A brief check-in

  • Setting an intention for the breath session, e.g…

    • “To release stress”

    • “To embrace Joy”

    • “To heal the belief that I’m not enough”

    • “To claim my voice”

    • …etc, etc., etc…

  • A one-hour breath session to holotropic music.

  • Creation of an affirmation, based on what happened in the session, e.g….

    • “I live with ease”

    • “I live with Joy”

    • “I’m perfect just as I am”

    • “I speak my truth”

    • …etc, etc., etc…

  • The opportunity to share your experience with the group.

  • A brief closing

Participants should have attended at least one “Exploring The Breath” gathering or have some equivalent experience with breathwork.

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